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'Website In a Box' resources for local Healthwatch

Watch a video demonstration of how to edit the content types (pages, events, news items etc) to get your head around the new version of your site.

There are some initial tasks you will need to do (such as customising or removing the social media feeds and changing your password) but the training materials will also show you other ways that you could make best use of the new functionality (for example, by moving your events into the new event content type or adding new slides to your homepage).

Download the User Guide for more instruction and guidance.

Want to know more about working on the web?

We have created a number of PDF guides that we strongly recommend you download and read through before starting work on your website. These are all available in the Downloads section at the bottom of the page.

The guidance documents do not cover how to use Drupal or CMS generally but rather focus on our specific system setup. Drupal is a common and popular open-source CMS and as such there is a tremendous amount of online support and information available if you have more general questions.

Accessibility Requirements

Don't forget that your website will only be truly accessible if all the content including documents like PDFs are accessible. There is an exhaustive guide to making PDFs accessible by the W3C and a much friendlier PDF document on accessibility for people using Word (by the BBC).

We have written a simple accessibility guide to help ensure everyone can get equal use out of your 'website in a box'.

Content Guidelines

This document is intended for the use of local Healthwatch throughout the country to establish a consistent tone and approach.

Jargon Buster

Having trouble telling your accessibility from your AJAX? This guideline will help you brush up on the lingo you need.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A detailed guide to help ensure your website is ranked as high as possible on Google (or any other search engine). It is crucial that the public can find your site and the information they need from you as easily as possible and this document will assist with concrete guidance.

Social Media Guide

First, make sure you can pass the checklist! If so, we provide guidance on how to create and maintain an effective and engaging social media presence.

Video & Audio Guidelines

If you are commissioning or re-purposing video and audio on your website, then this is the guide for you. Use it to ensure that: your video is as good as it can be; that you meet the legal requirements for accessibility and that search engines can find your videos.

Important! This guide should also be read by the Head of Communications or a senior manager as it relates directly to your organisational reputation.

Have more questions?

Please let us help! Contact enquiries@healthwatch.co.uk with questions about Website in a Box.